Aejis Migration can assist you in any family visa matters you have – whether that involves a partner, parent, child or family reunion. With regards to partner visas, Aejis Migration offers services that include both on and off shore applications. Applications for either visa usually require a significant amount of time and effort, and can be emotionally and financially draining.  Aejis Migration offers fixed price service for these streams of visa applications, and work with you every step of the process.  Please contact one of our lawyers for more details.


Australia offers a range of temporary and permanent working visas and Aejis Migration can assist in finding the perfect one for you. Possible visa options include those for skilled workers with qualifications and experience in a certain field, those seeking to undertake work in regional and rural areas, and those nominated by an Australian business to undertake work with them. Please contact one of our lawyers to further discuss specific requirements and work opportunities in Australia.