Family Reunited

Lisa and George first met while Lisa was studying in Australia. Upon the expiry of her student visa she applied for a work visa to remain in the country, where she and George had a child together. However, after applying for a permanent visa through a MARA agent and being declined, she was forced to leave her husband and child and return to China. We were able to secure Lisa her permanent visa the first time, and she is now back in Australia with her family.

Success for Job Hunter

Anne studied in China to become a qualified Financial Investment Adviser and worked in a senior position at a number of top tier investment firms in China.    Anne decided that she wanted to apply to migrate to Australia.  In order to apply for the visa, she required a nomination by an Australian business.  However, as she had no connections in Australia the task of finding a suitable employer was not achievable.   After engaging us, we were able to use our extensive resources and contacts to get her sponsored by a major financial trading firm in Sydney, and her application was approved in under one month.   Anne can now work in Australia for two years for her sponsor.  She also has the option of applying for permanent residency, should she choose to stay in Australia.

Good News for Foreign Investor

With so many changes to the framework surrounding foreign investments in Australia, Bruce was unsure of which visa, if any, would allow him to expand his property and business portfolio to include Australian developments and enterprises. We were able to help Bruce submit an application for a Foreign Investment visa without even having to come to Australia. He has widened his portfolio to include business ventures in Melbourne and Sydney, and is considering applying for a Business visa to further his international operations within Australia.